Q. Why do business with Medical Removal Services?
A. Because we are experts in the removal and disposal of medical waste.
Q. How is Medical Removal Services able to offer lower prices?
A. Our prices remain among the lowest in our industry because of our lean and efficient business model.
Q. What’s your track record?
A. Medical removal services has a spotless record of safety and dependability.
Q. Do you have references?
A. Yes references can be provided and likely include business owners you may know.
Q. What other charges can I expect to see on your invoice?
A. The only charges that you will find on an invoice are the ones you have agreed to specifically.
Q. How often is waste collected?
A. As often as needed.
Q. How much do you charge for unscheduled pickups?
A. Unscheduled pick ups are charged based on the specific circumstances, if we are already nearby we may not charge any additional fee above what is normally charged for the amount of waste picked up.
Q. Who provides the containers?
A. You must purchase containers for your business.
Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. We do require an annual contract.
Q. How can I be sure my waste is disposed of in the proper manner?
A. Our company has a long track record of compliance and ethical operation, however documentation of disposal can be provided if needed.
Q. What about billing?
A. Bills are sent out at the end of each month and must be paid with in 30 days to avoid late fees or service interruptions.
Q. How do I get started?
A. Give us a call!
Q. Is it still regulated if I cannot squeeze the blood from it?
Q. How much waste can I store at one time?
A. Less than 100 gallons without a permit.
Q. How long can I store waste?
A. 30 days without a permit.